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Nope can’t buy this one. Why do they need it?, I thought Bp was going to hire the fishermen That BP’s stupidity put out of business they all live around the gulf don’t they. BP would like to control them leave no room for the press to get the story on BP cost cutting and bungling. I am  Sorry but  but any one who worked on the rig and knew about the safety and environmental issue’s and didn’t blow the whistle should be out of work they cared nothing about other peoples losses. We need to get away from this fossil  fuel crap quickly but we can’t because there are no alternatives in place because the oil company’s spend big dollars to keep us running to the gas pumps…


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I could not find a I 1068 petition anywhere in the town I live in so I took a run to Seattle found and signed the petition  in a friendly white center joint called BIG AL’s, a good place to drink good beer too. My camera lies like a oil company president about the date of this picture.  It was Jun 9 2010 northbound I 5 in the Skagit  Valley WA. The scene Matches my mood generated by the events in the gulf of Mexico. Will we continue this insanity, drilling deep into the seabed a mile below the surface A little like playing chicken with semi trucks. Now the guts of the planet pour into the sea, covering the surface with a thin film suffocating the lungs of the planet The oil Vip,s and scientists spray dispersant another million gallons or so the oil breaks up and sinks out of sight out of mind until the mix lies on the clean white sand and the vapors rise, slow death to even the high flying birds…


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Marijuanna clones

A medical marijuana activist survived a shoot out with two men who broke in to his home at three thirty am Monday apparently  to steal marijuana clones he grows there one of the suspects lowered and fired a shot-gun at the 59-year-old grower Steve Sarich missing his head by a few inches Sarich returned fire wounding the robber this is one of several medical marijuana home invasion robbery’s occurring in western Washington this year. Mr Sarach who was wounded slightly Called king county sheriff’s who arrived twenty minuets latter hand cuffed and searched Mr Sarich and held him and his family out of the home while they obtained a search warrant. See Seattle times Tuesday march 16

I Guess I can can qualify as a Marijuana patent I have extreme nerve pain, I have glaucoma and I am depressed because I have these things…I know marijuana re-leaves  these ailments  better than prescription drugs, I know  because I have smoked weed for 50 years not regularly because its illegality makes it expensive difficult and very stressful to find. I do not have a medical marijuana authorization because buying pot illegally is far less stressful than trying to find a primary care doctor to write the authorization and then a legal provider to sell it to me. The law seems designed not to work. Thank you Sen. Kohl-Welles for all the hard work you have done but the legislature should have decriminalized marijuana this year. Then Mr Sarich would not have his home wrecked and the other provider would not be dead


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Patrick  Bedells life ended in a brief and bloody gun battle outside the pentagon Thursday night March 4 2010. Bedell 36 shot and killed by three pentagon security guards after he pulled out a gun and fired on the guards. Bedelll had previously posted theory’s and manifestos on the internet claiming belief  that the united states is controlled by a sinister organization and has been since John F Kennedy’s murder in 1963. What Bedell  Did was way out of  line. What he thought about “our government” being infiltrated by a cabal out to weaken and remove our civil liberty’s for corporate profit. Well I don’t think that’s all  that far-out, is it?. A huge number of people my age have diabetes but health care don,t get passed unless it’s a gravy train for insurance company’s. ADM keeps pumping out high fructose corn syrup and pouring it in every thing. Marijuana is illegal but not HFCS. We are fighting two wars that are bankrupting the country, killing young people and making the oil barons and war profiteers richer and richer. How is the wars making life in America better?. Its making terrorism worse and more prevalent. So don’t blow off Bedells theory casually rather think deeply about what determines who gets nominated and elected to “represent” We the people?, is this the way it should be in America today. how much influence does the media have over us voters?. How much does what you think count…

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If We legalize marijuana  the drug cartels will disappear as fast as the rum runners of that other prohibition because they can not compete. What is hard to understand about that?. regulated sales in the state package stores will make it harder for minors to buy weed. More good news the taxes on marijuana and the savings of enforcement and eradication and imprisonment costs could just save us from any income or sales taxes. So its high time to legalize marijuana its a herb not a drug by the way. Guess what our legislators are talking about it now, its time to call them and tell them you want legal  weed

Washington state   800-562-6000

California   916-319-2856

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