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• A proposal to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults goes to a vote in the house this week Jan. 18 to 22 please call your state house reps and tell them to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA.  Prohibition is useless to everyone except the drug cartels who use it as a cash cow to finance start up of other criminal industry’s. OH and the police use marijuana charges as a hammer to turn informants and county courts rake in money from fines. if weed is legalized taxed and regulated it will be much harder for kids under 21 to get then no when its wide open even generations ago when I was in junior high it was easy to buy but beer was the drug of choice as it is today. Marijuana and beer are not the same pot wont make a person feel like going out and racing or even driving a car or killing a deer if pot is taxed We might avoid the extra property and other taxes and program cuts our innovative and creative governer has in store for us

HOTLINE   800-562-6000


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If We legalize marijuana  the drug cartels will disappear as fast as the rum runners of that other prohibition because they can not compete. What is hard to understand about that?. regulated sales in the state package stores will make it harder for minors to buy weed. More good news the taxes on marijuana and the savings of enforcement and eradication and imprisonment costs could just save us from any income or sales taxes. So its high time to legalize marijuana its a herb not a drug by the way. Guess what our legislators are talking about it now, its time to call them and tell them you want legal  weed

Washington state   800-562-6000

California   916-319-2856

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He hasn’t even taken office yet, but the words of Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn have already perked some citizens’ ears.

My ears are wide open,  Mayor McGinn believes pot should not only be legal, but also taxed. He says “We recognize that, you know, like alcohol, it’s something that should be regulated, not treated as a criminal activity. And I think that’s where the citizens of Seattle want us to go,” Oh! Oh! YES that is exactly what I want I have waited years for this. McGinn asked for the public’s help identifying the issues he should tackle as mayor. Topping the list was light rail expansion. The second slot went to legalizing pot. I remember a poll in the STRANGER. Now McGinn, as well as state leaders, are talking about it. McGinn says the drug should be legalized and also taxed to offset some of the city’s financial problems. THANK YOU MAYOR MIKE, THANK YOU STRANGER,  THANK YOU KOMO.  Listen to this McGinn slams  a home run saying  “I think if every elected official who ever smoked marijuana voted to legalize it, it’d probably be legalized in an instant,” he said;  how right on is that?.
State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, is sponsoring a bill that would do just that. She says “Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol, and it’s not working for marijuana,” Dickerson says the state’s ineffective policies on marijuana are costing taxpayers money. She recognizes there will be opponents to her idea. But she thinks many people, including the mayor, are ready for change. She is right We have all known this for years but NOW we have legislators with guts enough to come out and lay the stash on the table. Only Legislators who support this well get my vote We need big time media help up here in Washington state to inform people and legislators that cannabis is less harmful then other things like HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. People who live in Washington state or in California should call write and E-mail state senators and reps and tell them they wont get your vote unless they  support marijuana legalization.  We have to come out and do this or we will still be looking over our shoulders every time we light up…


This is last post until the first of the year when will I will be back to take on the attractions and distractions of life.


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