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Put a stop to waste and crime

How is a real change possible given that our so-called “representative” government is bought out?. If you use marijuana for recreation or medicine and you don’t demand re-legalization of cannabis use and sales to all adults you are a hypocrite!. Hey I know we have elected politicians that use pot regularly and cops that smoke a joint then see a person with a toker and frisk and bust that person. It’s all under the rug out of sight. Why can’t we all just stand up and demand re-legalization. Go to your party caucus. Ask candidates directly how they stand on  Re-legalization, if they favor prohibition tell them they wont get your vote. Write, E-mail or call your state and national party chairs tell them you wont vote for any candidates that don’t promise to support re-legalization. We don’t need  hypocrites like Brown in California or cannabiphobic’s like gov. Gregoire in Washington state. Washington’s legislature could have avoided the sales tax or cut issue’s that are going on in special session now if they had passed HB 1177 and its companion SB 5615  but they “snuffed” the bills that would have saved millions in law enforcement costs; instead they passed several law enforcement measures that added to the deficit.  So now we tax payers are stuck with cuts in eduction and human services or more sales taxes. I 1068 will leave re-legalization up to the Washington Voters And  legislation will be on California ballots this November.  Excellent but we need to take it farther we need to make shure we have a Cannabis friendly Representative government.


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